SAYA Platform

SAYA Platform - Specialized to Simplify Data

SAYA Platform is designed to solve the niche data problems across industries.

It Specializes in solving reconciliation/ data accuracy challenges faced by enterprises, yielding ROI by automating the process flow.


helps our customers to solve the complex Data Reconciliation challenges using AI based Recon Optimizer


helps the businesses to have custom workflows to resolve the exceptions. Machine learning based suggestions for effectively resolving the exceptions


AI and ML based data analytics, visualization and reporting for CXOs and Treasurers to take the decisions based on meaningful insights


supports custom creation of advanced computation analytics and quant models for financial institutions

SAYA Platform Highlights

Cloud Native

Containerization based deployment makes the platform Cloud Agnostic and highly scalable and enables to deploy on private or public clouds

Highly Scalable

Server-less architecture allows scaling of the application transparently. Fully Micro-services based architecture take care of performance seamless.

High ROI

Efficient design and value based pricing assures ROI to enterprises. Faster implementation timelines helps the businesses to add features.


Security first design helps in protecting the data by applying industry best security standards (OWASP) & guidelines. Implements data protection rules and security on Cloud


Solution is reliable and able to handle High/Medium/Low Traffic without impacting the user performance. Provides 99.9% UP time

Monitoring, Backup & Disaster Recovery

Solution considers the disaster recovery and provides automated tools for Monitoring servers brings up the backup servers

SAYA Platform provides the best recon efficiency

AI Enabled Recon Optimizer with Machine Learning abilities